Friday, March 13, 2009

Write Your Blogs in Live Writer


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Windows Live Writer, which in essence is a super easy way to write and post blogs from your desktop. On top of better formatting, easier photo adding, and a slew of other benefits Live Writer offers, it now has plug-ins that are in a word, awesome. Live Writer plug-ins are to  a blog what iPhone apps are to the cell phone. Below I’ve highlighted a few of the cool plug-ins I’ll be utilizing in my own blog posts.

Two notes, first Live Writer is free, so download it HERE, you have nothing to lose. Second, I am showcasing only a small percentage of what Live Writer offers, dozens of plug-ins I am not featuring that you’ll just have to see to see for yourself HERE.

Instantly Insert a Map with a Single Click

The house I grew up in below, 11 Sturgis Rd, looks like a castle from this view.

Map picture

Copy and Paste a Picture Instantly

Anyone that has used Blogger or Wordpress as a online hosted platform knows it is a pain in the butt to get a picture uploaded quickly. When you use Live Writer you can copy a picture on your desktop, paste it into the blog instantly, and even resize it so it is the actual size you want it to be. This feature is PRICELESS! Here is a pic of Rufus from last night, CEO of my company.


Digg This

Easy way to get people to social bookmark your posts on Digg.

Tablet PC Recognition

I used my Bamboo tablet to write the message below, literally I click one button and it recognizes my tablet in the blog post, how cool is that?

Instantly Tag Your Blog

Help others find your stuff with instant tag implementation, like these I tossed in below.

Effortless Embed Video

Forget pasting code, just use the video plug-in to embed video into your blog with a click of a button, it even scales the size of the video to the size of your blog. This is our Resume Ape ad we shot a few weeks ago.

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