Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Explanation of New SEO Service

Sometimes the best way to understand why the services my business offers are so unique, you have to read deeper into the problem that they aim to solve. Here is a recent email showcasing both an issue for people attempting to gain rank in Google with blog commenting, and our company's off the chain $25 solution.

Begin email-

My Newest SEO PageRank Building Technique $25


SEO is a funny thing, right when you think you've got it all figured out, good old SEO lets you know that there are a few things you might have missed. This was the case not too long ago as I was turned on to an outstanding SEO technique that was cheap, effective, and as white hat as they get. But before I get to the technique, let's look at the often idea crushing concept of the group mentality.

If ten separate people tell you a movie sucks, are you apt to go see it? Chances are, especially if these 10 people are credible friends of yours, that you'll opt for another movie instead. Did you get specifics from your friends on the time they saw the show, the theatre, the row their seats were in, the temperature of the popcorn, and all other minute details? Of course not. You just take their word for it.

Blog comments and SEO have often had a dicey marriage. While blog comments are a good way to get traffic to your site if they're placed on the right blogs, the SEO value of the links in those comments is usually zilch. Yep, those blog comment links are worth nothing, thanks to a clever bit of code known simply as no follow. Originally intended to help keep spam at bay by having Google ignore the value of links in comments, the no follow code became widely implemented into most blog formats you see on the web today.

So what does this mean? It means that if you have a off-the-shelf blog program like Wordpress and you publish a blog, the link left in a comment is worthless in terms of SEO. Now in terms of traffic, in my opinion, it can be worth a lot. But in terms of pure SEO it's worth nothing. Adding insult to injury is the fact that blogs often have high PageRank due to the incredible amount of fresh content on them, so if, big if here, if the blog did count a comment link it could really help push your site up the SEO ranks. And, if, the blog allowed multiple links in anchored hypertext to be placed on it over and over again, month after month, that would additionally help your SEO rank. And finally, if a multitude of high PageRank blogs allowed for comment links to be counted by Google, well then, you'd have yourself a PageRank building strategy that is second to none.

Say hello to do follow plugins. Picture do follow plugins as a handful of super absorbent paper towels that cleanup the wet SEO mess that no follow code spilt all over high ranking blogs. When a publisher installs a do follow plugin on their blog, they are essentially saying, hey, use my blog to help your SEO rank, it's cool with me.

Now, this technology is still in it's infancy, most people after all have never heard of no follow, nonetheless do follow, and most blogs are still set to not count links in comments as something of value. So it takes a trained eye, and someone with time to kill, to uncover and post comments with links on all those do follow blogs that might help your site gain PageRank fast.

Enter Do Follow Service, the easy way to have your PageRank and SEO rank built up for you for as little as $25. This service brings simplicity to the complex world of blog commenting for SEO value. Simply visit the site below, sign up for as many comments as you want, and let us do the rest.

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