Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Key to Article Marketing: Do It Again, and Again, and Again

It finally struck me that it might make a little bit of sense to post something up here for those article marketers out there. Since article marketing is growing by the day, and since my inbox has about gazillion people all wanting to know the secret to article marketing, I figured what better place to put it than right here on my blog.

Oh, the secret, you want to know it right now? Ok, well here it goes. Consistency. Consistency, consistency, consistency. That's it.

Toss all the other rules of thumb out the door, if you are consistent in creating and submitting freshly written articles, then nobody can stop you, not even type sites. How is that possible you might be wondering? Let me break it down for you this way...

Most sites start out as little diamonds in the rough, surrounded by so much rough the site's owner doesn't even believe it's a diamond. Yet little by little, fresh article by fresh article, they become more and more relevant in the search engines for the keyword terms they contain.

Want to get ranked for the keyword phrase Texas Oil Tycoon? I bet if you did 75 articles on the term alone, titled each one with that phrase in it, and submitted them all to within 6 months you'd hold the number one spot, whether you owned a lick of oil or not.

The point is, be patient, be consistent, be blind to the lack of results when they don't come, and be expecting of the leaps and bounds when they do. I know that's how I felt when I noticed this blog right here jumped 18 spots in Google's natural results for my namesake, not bad for an occasion post about football here, and an occasional post about life there. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sick & Busy

Not feeling great today, I think I have the flu. A few updates though about goings on in Clark world.

-We finally have a office not located in a place that I sleep. This has been about 3 years coming, and although the space is small (250 sq ft) and out of the way (Hopkins, SC) it is our own. We should have a staff member in there doing my taxes, mailings, appointments, and other misc stuff in about 2 weeks.

-Working on our publishing company a lot lately. After a more-than-disappointing relationship with my current publisher (name omitted for fear of Google alerting those airheads) I’m taking the idea of our own publishing company much more seriously. I’ve had a great experience with a book printer for my first novel, and plan on using them for our upcoming nonfiction titles.

-Speaking of books, The Definitive Guide to Writing Online for Profit by Clark Covington is lightening up the kindle sales charts, pick one up here if you have a kindle, or here if you like books on paper.

-Our launch of our alternative email marketing service Power of 30 went pretty well, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when we sent out the notification of it going live, but people signed up a good bit, which I think means they like it. I think it’ll work well since it defies most conventional ways of email marketing that absolutely do not work.

-I put 8 hours worth of songs off my itunes on my shuffle, who says you need a big ipod to rock out all day?

-Donated $100 to World Food Program today, that stuff that went down in Haiti is horrible, we all need to pitch in.

I could write more, but you get the idea of what’s going on with me. How are you doing? Good I hope.