Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Lead Gen Service Input Request

Happy Saturday!

Between watching college football and taking your weekly trip to Home Depot you probably aren’t thinking too much about work today, but I wanted to send you a quick note to see if you have any feedback on a lead generation concept I’m working on.

Here is the gist of our new service-

We research your business, write a compelling ad, and submit it all over the web where people gather in hopes of helping you get more leads for your business.

An example of this would be us posting an ad to your local Craigslist on your behalf. Another would be us creating a local Google Profile for you. Anyways, you get the idea.

So here is what I’d like to know from you, are there any websites in particular you want us to include in this new all inclusive service? Anywhere you’ve had success online placing a free ad that you’d want a service like ours doing for you each month on an ongoing basis?

Email with any ideas, input, or websites you want us to include in this new service.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Future of Video on The Web

Earlier today I posted a link to an old video episode from a series I filmed with a few friends this past spring, hard to believe it’s the first day of fall now. Anyways, besides time flying by, the big realization I’ve had recently is this, videos on the web are best hosted in a minimal environment with relevant content surrounding them. Since our Livin’ Venti site is no longer up, you’ll have to take my word for it that it closely resembled the site below.


Two Guys on Beer is a neat web show about, you guessed it, beer! The show revolves around the two co-hosts reviewing different brews. At last check it’s not wildly popular yet, but they have done something to legitimize a mainstream format for publishing video on the web. Besides our Livin’ Venti site that is no longer live, this is the only other site I’ve seen incorporate all that is important to making a viewer friendly video website.

If you plan on developing a video show for the web, I seriously urge you to take these design tips into consideration.

Major placement of the most recent episode-

As you can obviously see from the image above, the most recent episode is smack dab in the middle of where heat maps have shown our eyes gravitate first on a website. This makes it easy for people to quickly tune in, and get hooked.

Summary of recent episode-

To the right these two brew misters do a great job offering a synopsis of their show that can be read without leaving the page, which by this time is probably running the main video.

Easily accessible archive of episodes-

If you scroll down just a tad from the screenshot above you’d see this long list of past episodes, easy to click and dive on in.


Cool thematic logo-

Not only is the logo relevant, with bottle cap imagery and all, it’s done in tones and shades of black and brown that properly represent what these guys are all about. Would you watch a show about guys and beer if the logo was bright pink?


Quick way to find out about the show and hosts-

It doesn’t take much effort to find the About TGOB tab at the top of the page, many people will end up clicking this once they finish an episode, so it’s good to make this page easy to find.

Easy to spot social media links-

On the lower right hand side of the page this graphic lets us  connect via RSS, Twitter,and Facebook.

image If for no other reason this is an important way to give real time notice to  your audience when a new video is published on your site. It’s also a great way to solicit viewer questions for future episodes.

As I continue to launch new businesses the web video show is always on my mind, hopefully I’ll take my own advice when the big show idea hits, and I rush to the web to build my site.

Another note, all of this is easily done using the Wordpress platform, for more info on Wordpress visit:

You can check out Two Guys on Beer at:

We’re hiring an office assistant…


We’re on the hunt for an office assistant / personal assistant for our public relations company. We are located in downtown West Columbia on State St, and are currently in the market for a part time employee. We’re thinking it will be 20 hours a week, the pay will be $8 per hour ($160 weekly) with opportunity for advancement.

Job duties include working with team members on new client projects, helping organize new teams to tackle client projects, working with local businesses to help ours expand, and so forth. You’ll also be part of our events, which includes everything from serving coffee to talking with potential clients.

Our office is located in an old coffee shop. We’re casually dressed most days, and the atmosphere is very upbeat. If you are interested in this job please reply to this email or call Jovan Washington at 864 641 1856.

If you want to see what we currently do you can check out for some details about our company, and its owner.


Jovan Washington

Director of Special Operations

Rufus Space Industries, INC.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coworking, New Book, New PR Site, and Affordable Focus Group Service Coming Soon

It’s been the summer of work, and hopefully fall will bring the fruits of all this labor to light. Here is what’s cooking inside Rufus Space Industries, INC.

Coworking- We’re about a month away from the opening of what should be the first coworking facility in South Carolina. It'll be called, Clark's Office, and is being themed after my ideal workspace. This café style office will be the perfect affordable alternative to renting office space at one of those dry ho-hum boring office buildings. Gourmet coffee brewed with the same professional equipment big coffee houses use, 11,000 channel satellite radio, comfortable furniture, and over 2,300 square feet of space to work in are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to check this thing out when it opens. If you don’t live in SC, but are interested in partnering on a coworking facility in your area shoot me an email- or call our office 864 641 1856. For more info on coworking check out

New Book- The book is my first non-business nonfiction effort, it focuses largely on how to make your dreams come true through a method steeped in practicality and hard work. The book will serve as a clear cut guide to helping you reach your most lofty goals. The book is my response to people constantly asking me about how I was able to do what I've done, it'll hopefully be of assistance in helping dreamers make their goals happen. Publication date is set for November 1st stay tuned for more details, free chapters, and giveaways.

New PR Site- We’re redeveloping our industry-leading press release writing and distribution service. With a simple design, updated samples and packages, and a strong tie to our Social Media Management Service this site will knock your socks off if you are in the market for PR.

Affordable Focus Groups- You have an idea, a product or service, website or web app, and now you need to know if anyone would buy it, don’t trust your friends! They’re responses are shaped more by the fact that you are friends with them than their true feelings about whatever it is you are trying to sell. Instead let our new affordable focus group service offer you all the feedback you need from the most powerful demographic in the business, 18-35 year old males and females. We’ll videotape the whole thing so no matter where you are you can review the feedback, and even draft up follow up questions for the group. All this is done online for less than you’d pay for the plane ticket to even get to Columbia, SC to begin with. Coming later this fall.

Oh, and before I get back to finishing off all this stuff, I wanted to let you know we’re hiring. We’re looking for a part time office assistant / intern / good natured soul to help us with our daily duties around the office. The ability to write would be nice, so if you live in the area and need some work get in touch.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Social Media Mgt Press Release

South Carolina Entrepreneur Courts Big Business with New Social Media Management Service

West Columbia, South Carolina- With the explosive growth of social networks like Twitter and Facebook it was only a matter of time before public relations firms started offering services to help businesses gain better presence on these massively popular websites. One such firm, Social Media Management Service is doing just that by offering an industry first full package affordable Twitter and Facebook management program.

“Whenever you have something that becomes a phenomenon like Twitter and Facebook have as of late, you’re going to see a major demand for PR firms like ours to help people be a part of it,” explains Social Media Management Service owner Clark Covington.

Social Media Management Service offers a simple program that has peaked the interest of major corporations from a diverse range of industries.

“As soon as we launched our service a good portion of the type of leads we were getting were from major fortune 500 companies, billion dollar enterprises obviously wanted to get in on social networking and the service has been growing at a rocket’s pace ever since,” says Clark Covington.

Not everyone has bought into the social media management concept. Many critics believe that paying a third party to speak for a brand on networks like Twitter and Facebook is undermining the quality of the communication that company produces on such networks.

“We are very quick to point out our service is as much about becoming part of our client’s organization as possible. We spend a large amount of time getting to know the brand we represent, and take very serious our responsibilities to uphold that brand on such networks. In other words, we liken ourselves to a telecommuting staff member of the company we represent, rather than a third party contractor,” notes Clark Covington.

Each day Social Media Management service works on behalf of clients as diverse as private aviation brokers to major consumer product companies to produce meaningful dialogue on networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Setup as a single low monthly fee program that includes everything from profile setup to weekly reporting, the company has experienced rapid growth all the while operating out of one of the most dismal job markets in the country.

“Not only are we getting new clients all the time to sign on with us, more importantly we have had a very low dropout rate, essentially 9 out of 10 companies that sign up with us have stayed on board,” says Clark Covington.

The ultimate sign Social Media Management Service is doing alright might just be the fact that they’re hiring, something the state of South Carolina could use more of.

For more information on Social Media Management Service visit

For more information about the owner Clark Covington visit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Business Methodology

We put our client’s needs above our own. We take ownership of their problems, and work hard to help contribute to a manageable long term solution. We are upfront and frank with our clients, even when that won’t win us any popularity contests. We try our best to treat our clients as we’d like to be treated, following the Golden Rule that works so well in all aspects of life. When things go good for a client, while we celebrate their victory, we also stay focused on what surprises remain around the corner that could hamper their progress. In summary, we aim to work with our clients in a manner in which they return to us for all their needs in all our industry-leading categories from publicity to SEO to book marketing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day? Thank God

For those of us lucky enough to have a job, Labor Day should serve as a humbling reminder of how fortunate we are. For those that are without work, I hope work finds you soon. When no opportunities seem to arise no matter how hard you look, create your own. The tools of production (computers, cameras, software, and the like) are as cheap as they've ever been, and the opportunities that exist today to meet a demand online are better than ever. Either way, job or not, thank God we've got another day to make something out of ourselves.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Email Promo for New LinkedIn and YouTube Social Media Management Service Modules


As a perk of being on our email list you get prerelease announcements like this one from time to time. This week we are proud to announce we are offering LinkedIN and YouTube add-on modules to our social media management service regular package.

This means that you can now have us manage your LinkedIn account with daily updates, adding of professionals in  your field, joining of groups, updating of your status, all on a daily basis. After getting more involved in LinkedIn myself I've had several high quality leads that lead to deals, I believe the same is possible for you on a regular basis.

LinkedIn social media management is just $100 more for our subscribers to our regular Social Media Management Service.

YouTube, with all that it offers as far as tagging, commenting, linking, and sheer exposure is a great fit for an add on module as well. The real magic happens when we can integrate the videos we create for you into the regular Social Media Management Service package, so we end up sending out Tweets about your new videos, Facebook updates, etc. Each month we'll create and distribute 2 videos for you all over the net, as well as integrate them fully in your social network assets.

YouTube social media management is just $400 more for our subscribers to our regular Social Media Management Service.

If you haven't already, get started by signing up for our basic Social Media Management Service here-

If you've already signed up with our regular package just reply to this email for links to sign up to the LinkedIn and YouTube monthly modules to take your business to new heights.



864 641 1856