Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NYC = Lots of People

Newsflash, if you are going to get some work done at a Starbucks in New York City, expect a crowd.

I'm away from my beloved South Carolina for a few days, and have been hanging out in NYC. While I actually grew up just 11 miles from this massive city, it always amazes me just how crowded it is when I return back.

I walked a few blocks from the midtown apartment that I am staying at, to a Starbucks that I thought would be a great place to get some work done. Boy was I wrong! The place was a total zoo, a line literally out the door for the entire 2 hours that I was there. I guess that's just NYC for you. I love the energy of the people here, but the crowds are not my thing, I'd rather be in a half empty strip mall looking at a coffee shop with less than a half dozen people inside it than in this human traffic jam. Oh well, life goes on.

On a better note, I had lunch with my Mom at this awesome place called Moonstruck, props to Clif for pointing it out. Only $28 for two people, not bad for Manhattan at all.

Working on a white paper this week for Search Marketing Standard called "The Case for Ala Carte SEO" which should be a industry shaker...Or at the very least something to get people to think outside the normal model of doing SEO business.

Finally I noticed a few people started to use AdWords on my name. I knew it would happen, but I wasn't thinking it would be right now. I had a little fun with my own ad, search for me and you might see it. ;-)