Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Email Sent About Launch of Strange Business


My highly anticipated book on internet marketing is now for sale! Learn just how I built a successful business online in the oddest of ways, and how others are doing the same on a daily basis in this awesome, right to the darn point, business book.

Get a free chapter and pick up a copy here:


Pretty much everyone that has read the book thus far has enjoyed it, many have told me they’ve passed it around the marketing department at their work. This isn’t just sales speak, I’ve got two dozen copies in the back of my truck that I’ve been handing out for about a month now. I’m not afraid to bribe people to read it and give me feedback. See what all the buzz is about here:


Happy Tuesday!


P.S. I got an email the other day from someone that says the only time she hears from me is when I’m trying to sell something. Its clever tactics like, selling stuff via email, that makes this book so good for those that like to make cold hard cash on the internet.

P.P.S. The book is $17.95 right now on Amazon, but you can get it in digital format for about 10 beans. Where else can you get a million dollar business plan for that price?

P.P.P.S. I had a guy that used to reply to all my list emails with cuss words about my sister (that I don’t have) and I finally removed him from my list. This alone is reason to send a new email to my list!

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