Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Lessons From BEA

1 Social media dominated nearly a third of all speeches at the event. Everyone was talking about the power of it, yet it became apparent the industry isn’t yet schooled on what to do with the tools they’ve been told they have to use.

2 With the gaggles of people shuffling the aisles of exhibitors like drunk sheep in a dark warehouse, it was clear that to stand out you must, well, stand out. The two most crowd drawing non-celebrity driven booths were the bikini clad folks from COOL-ER ebook reader. Even though the reader seemed far less capable than the Kindle, the fact two chick stood their holding prototypes basically nude helped draw larger crowds, it didn’t hurt that they were also serving margaritas. The other winner was a Yiddish publisher giving away free bagels and cream cheese, for whatever reason people were stuck to the booth like hundred dollar bills were stuffed in those bagels. Forget T&A, at book industry events like this it’s T&F.

3 The temperament of the book industry is in flux. My distributor seemed like they had plenty of time on their hands, at least when I perused by their large exhibit. Thumb twiddling they’d tell me things were going great, in their eyes a different story was told, one that doesn’t play well for most authors. While at the same time massive amounts of people lined up to get their book signed by the likes of Nicholas Sparks. Books aren’t dying, but I believe readership will continue to decline until the industry truly embraces the migration to digital everything by nearly everyone in America that spends money on entertainment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Idea Jungle Featured in Tech Journal South


30 Slots Left Consulting Email


It’s that time of year again, the time when I shut our consulting business down to new customers due to the overwhelming demand for it. Hey, for 90% less than what most consultants charge you can understand why there’s a big demand for it right? Anyways, I’ve got 30 slots to fill for this summer and then the for sale sign is coming off the site, and I’m not afraid to bribe you to take my advice on a weekly basis live on the phone.

For this week only when you sign up for consulting services, you’ll get 10 free articles with 10 free submissions to, that’s a $200 value FREE just for signing up for, what in my opinion, is the best consulting service on earth.

Go here to sign up here:


So here is the true call to action. I’ll be closing up shop when we hit 30 more clients for the summer season, and when I reopen the price is subject to rise. I’ve already spoken with people charging a lot more money than I for a lot less work, and they tell me all the time to jack it up. So if you want to work with me one on one on the cheap, NOW IS THE TIME to do so.


After signing up for our service simply reply to this email with your order information and I’ll send you a few links for your free $200 gift of 10 custom SEO articles with submission to Ezine.

Earlier this week I launched another site, wrote a press release that got picked up by over 1,500 websites, did an interview with a major blog, am now attending the largest book conference in the world, blah, blah, blah. My experience with this internet business thing is second to none, so in my somewhat humble opinion hiring me to work with you is a smooth move.



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P.S. If you are near Columbia, SC you can have your sessions in person at my office, I’ll flip open my laptop and we’ll sit there and hash a plan out face to face, maybe sometimes we could do it over fajitas? Tacos? But no margaritas, it’s work time, only margaritas after the hour is finished, then it is ok, right?

P.P.S. If you sign up to work with me this awesome thing happens to your internet business, it starts to actually do better, make more money, and prosper like the stray cat living closest to the restaurant dumpster.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Idea Jungle Launch Press Release

Seasoned Columbia Internet Developers Launch Monkey Business to Help Recession-Crunched Consumers and Businesses Save Money

Columbia, SC- A plump blue bird points a wing towards the screen of a MAC desktop computer, urging visitors to move forward in creating their own custom Twitter background for just $75. The service, is just one of many new offerings to come from a new web development company started by 3 successful Columbians. The firm, named Idea Jungle, is co-owned by Wesley Donehue, Elizabeth Donehue, and Clark Covington.

Wesley Donehue, a successful Republican political operative, believed it was time to allow his internet ideas to come to life.

“People aren’t just working on the Internet. People are living on the Internet. For years I’ve had all these ideas to help businesses and individuals communicate on the web but I didn’t have a vehicle to bring the ideas to life. We are passionate about helping people brand themselves on the web.”

Idea Jungle was formed to act as the parent company for various web ventures like The company will also serve as a local web development firm for businesses in need of a polished presence on the web. Idea Jungle will also act as an incubator for aspiring internet entrepreneurs that are looking for angel investors, mentors, and even office space.

“Having a large internet business for several years now, my focus lately has gravitated more towards getting involved on a local level, with people I care about, and meeting new people that are interested in internet business,” explains Clark Covington.

Idea Jungle is currently developing several internet businesses including a one-size-fits-all custom website package for $997 and a series of vintage bowties sold in mason jars retailed on a state of the art website.

“What I love about Idea Jungle is how diverse the projects we work on can be. One minute it’s working with graphic designers on Twitter backgrounds, the next it’s talking with our sewing contractors about bowtie construction, it’s never boring.” Elizabeth Donehue says in regards to her passion for the new venture.

The company operates out of converted loft space in the historic 701 Whaley building.

For media inquires contact Elizabeth Donehue at or via phone 864.641.1856.

Livin' Venti Episode 6

Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Ready for BEA


Last year it was just too late. Too few days before the annual BookExpo conference started to reasonably plan a trip. So this year when the first promotional efforts started to percolate online, I knew it was best to sign up for passes right away.

Keeping in line with the “be prepared” strategy I’ve printed up 500 coupons for our $15 book review service to hand out at the show, hoping we’ll be able to connect with some emerging authors, and show them the glistening light known as viral online book marketing.

I’ll be leaving Wednesday morning so anybody that needs anything from me please holler at me in the next day or two, otherwise I won’t be available for another week or so.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Mind Is a Tool

Let it rest, nurture it whenever possible, and always let it run wild. Your mind is a tool, it can imagine a business model more fantastic than any before. Let your mind have some time to itself each day, pesky interruptions will only get in it’s way. Treat it like an asset, protect it, and watch it reward you with brilliant epiphany after epiphany.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What’s Brewing?

Any brew master worth a lick will tell you that a good beer takes the right balance of ingredients mixed at the right time concocted in the right vessel at just the right temperature. In other words, it takes a lot more effort to brew a beer, than say make a cup of hot chocolate. My business has been making more beers lately than it has hot coco. 

A few highlights of what’s about ready for service-

Local SEO/IM Outreach

All I can say is it involves a pretty girl and neon colored folders. The rest is top secret, for now at least. I’ll try to share more when we hit the streets, literally!

Social Media Management

We’ve been handling our clients social media accounts for awhile now, but never formally built a service around it. We’re doing a few neat things that will make this not only the first service of it’s kind on the net, but also the best no matter how many people come up with copycat ventures.

Affordable Consulting Services Countdown to 30

I almost threw my lunch up on my keyboard when I saw the five figure price tag one so-called internet marketing expert was charging for a 8 week consulting program recently. Here is the deal, our Affordable Consulting Services is the best deal for so many reasons you’ll just have to visit the site yourself to see why. We are taking a total of 30 clients this summer and then going into sold out status. I hope to have it sold out by June.

Idea Jungle

Working with my friends is awesome, we’re going to do a few web development services, and some other cool stuff. It should be graphically on a level you have yet to see my stuff go before.

New Book

I wish, I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, maybe do another fiction book since my last one didn’t exactly skyrocket the NYT bestsellers list. I already know the title of my next business book, but I want to wait a bit on that one, let these others continue to grow that are on Amazon now. If I could just find the time, how stupid and cliché is that, when I think of that phrase I go back to the brewing analogy, sometimes it takes time to make something spectacularly tasty. Come to think of it, that’s my ultimate goal, to make tasty stuff.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Look: Rewards Card Swag

As I've been blogging about for months, we are set to release a rewards card for all the internet marketing rockstars that we work with on a daily basis. This card will save the owner 10% for an entire year on all that we sell.

The card is going to sell for $27, and with that you then save 10% off everything we do.

For the first 50 people that order the card a bountiful gift awaits them, see picture and video below.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Talk

This week for me is all about listening to our clients, potential clients, and interested parties about what is going on in their lives. No, I don’t want to know about Sammy’s soccer game, or the gaping hole in the backyard fence that causes curious critters to hold your garbage hostage for days on end. Rather I want to know about you, your business, and what you need help with.

I know if I am privileged enough to talk with you, I’ll be able to gain insight into what our company can do to help ease the pains of running a business online, marketing a book, or trying build a loyal following online.

I know that I don’t know much about plenty of things, but I’m willing to bet I can at least help put new ideas into your head from a fresh perspective of what might work when it comes to you reaching your goals.

Call our newest staff member Jovan to schedule an appointment-

864 641 1856

I’m out of town virtually every day next week, so NOW is the time to get in touch.



Clark R. Covington

Friday, May 15, 2009

Win a FREE $300 Netbook For Your Creative Use of The Word Tomfoolery


The easiest contest you'll ever do on Twitter is now LIVE. In 1 month we will select the most creative, funny, interesting, and dare we say outlandish use of the word tomfoolery when retweeting about our contest.

To enter our contest all you have to do is 3 things-

1) Follow @ClarkCovington on Twitter

2) Retweet the contest at least once, make sure to include this sentence below:

Follow @ClarkCovington to win a $300 netbook.

3) Use the remaining characters to state something clever using the word tomfoolery.

We'll select our favorite use on June 20th 2009 at 2 pm EST and award them a FREE netbook, and the title of most clever use of the word tomfoolery EVER.

There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can retweet this message, the more you retweet with different uses of the word and the sentence above, the better chance you have to win!


The winner will be able to select 1 of the following netbooks to receive FREE as the one that uses the word tomfoolery the best.

Acer Aspire ONE A150


Asus EEPC 900


HP 1030 NR


Dell Mini 9


MSI Wind 1


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Netbook Twitter Contest Video


We haven't finished all the details of the contest just yet, but the main thing is you follow me @ClarkCovington, then retweet this sentence:

Win a free netbook by following @ClarkCovington

And then use the word tomfoolery somewhere in your retweet. The most creative use of the word wins! More details coming soon, video breaks down some details too.

We're Giving Away a $300 Netbook


This is going to be an awesome contest on Twitter. Odds are not bad at all, right now they're about 1 in 1000 that you win, so STAY TUNED!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strange Business TV Episode 2: The Truth About The Four-Hour Workweek

Shot with Flip camera in hand, this video is my 2 cents on what it means to build a successful internet business. Here is a hint, it takes more than a few hours a week to do it.

Check the dogs in the end, they're hamming it up pretty good.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where Does Google Get These People?!(*$@

Hello Clark,
Thank you for your email. I understand you're having a couple of
questions. I see that you've concerns of your ads not shown due to poor
quality score, you have questions on people searching for your name and
this affecting your quality result and if other people can bid for your
name. I have answered each one below:
1. I understand you're concerned your Campaign 'ME Camp' is not showing
ads due to poor quality score. Quality score takes into account many
factors.  Additionally, I also see that you have only three keywords and
one of it is in phrase match, which will not allow the same keyword to be
triggered when it is searched for. I suggest, you improve your keyword
list using our keyword tool.For more information about the Keyword Tool
and a list of commonly asked questions, visit
Below, I have explained about Quality Score and the factors affecting it:
Quality Score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of your keywords.
It combines a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is
to your ad text and to a user's search query.
A Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search
query-that is, every time your keyword has the potential to trigger an ad.
Quality Score is used in several different ways, including influencing
your keywords' actual cost-per-clicks (CPCs) and estimating the first page
bids that you see in your account. It also partly determines if a keyword
is eligible to enter the ad auction that occurs when a user enters a
search query and, if it is, how high the ad will be ranked. In general,
the higher your Quality Score, the lower your costs and the better your ad
Quality Score helps ensure that only the most relevant ads appear to users
on Google and the Google Network. The AdWords system works best for
everybody-advertisers, users, publishers, and Google too-when the ads we
display match our users' needs as closely as possible. Relevant ads tend
to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and bring you the most
To learn more about the topics discussed here, visit these articles in our
help center:
- Match type:
- Quality Score:
- First page bids:
- Ad position:
2. To answer your question on, 'if people are searching your name, and
your site is being
advertised, does that not make it a high quality result? It is after all
your official site,' I would say that Quality score is no way affected by
the search volume. So, it will not make it to high Quality score. As I
have explained above, the factors which would be affecting Quality score.
3. Yes, other people can bid on your name and use your name as a keyword,
because your name is not trademarked and so other advertisers can use your
name. In case you wish to be stop others from using your name, please
trademark your name. I would like to inform you that we will not be able
to give you steps in trademarking your name. However, you can check on our
policy page for information about trademarks.
In case of any further clarifications please write.
Ayesha  Shaikh
The Google AdWords Team

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It’s This Simple

As I was driving this morning something struck me as oddly profound. Building a sustainable internet business is as simple the following:

Create  an authentic brand that can be trusted, work hard to respond to customer emails, market the company with SEO and AdWords, and deliver the best possible product you can.

That’s it, an entire business manifesto in a sentence. Some might note this as oversimplified, but truth be told if you follow these rules, and work hard not to get distracted by all the crap out there, your internet business can flourish, even in the toughest of economic times.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Strange Business TV Episode 1: The Breaking Point

Shot with my new HD Flip, I hate the close up shot, but shooting alone had to keep the camera within reach.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Livin’ Venti Episode 5 Me X Wes X Crawfish

Livin' Venti: Episode 5 - Crawfish Festival 2009 from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

I liked filming this episode a lot, partly because we got to eat afterwards! :-)

Monday, May 4, 2009

HP Sells Cheap Services Too

I’m not the only fool out here peddling marketing services on the cheap.


Coming This Week…And Next

It’s a wonderful time to be an internet marketer, we’ve got more rule-breaking services in the works than ever before, as well as a few things to make working with us even easier. Here is an update on what is happening this week, and next in Rufus Space land.

Call Center Returns

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from working with our over 2,500 clients from around the world it’s that they appreciate a prompt response to their inquires, whether it be in regards to new orders, potential orders, or simply checking on the status of an order. In our quest to be the absolute destination for affordable internet marketing services we are revamping our call center, making it local, and getting YOU the number soon.  Stay tuned on this…

Video Book Reviews

Many of you have experienced our incredible Reader Spoils affordable book review service over the past year. For those that want to take their book marketing game to the next level keep an eye out for our new Real Reader Video Book Reviews, where our actual Reader Spoils members film a review of your book on a webcam and upload it to your book page, all for a price you WILL NOT believe! As soon as I get our sample order complete this service will go live.

Strange Business Show

Strange Business has 15 chapters of experience driven internet marketing tips and tricks. I’m doing a limited edition web TV show, 1 episode per chapter, 10 minutes each discussing the overarching themes of the chapter at hand. This is like Cliff Notes for the YouTube generation. This show will absolutely get your minds going as to how to build an online business like yours truly has.  Episode 1 coming to my blog VERY soon.

New Article Submission Services

We’re trying something new this week, name your own submission site, any site, anywhere on the net, one low flat fee! I’m sure this is going to be interesting, this will go out to our email list later this week, to join our list go HERE.

Twitter Services Coming Soon

Getting familiar with  Twitter is akin to transferring to a new high school for your senior year. You don’t just walk in the building and run the place. You’ve got to get a feel for how to interact, what works, and more importantly what doesn’t, and react accordingly. I’m quietly observing the Twittersphere on a daily basis coming up with the services that I think would be of most value to internet marketing professionals, and business owners. Services will be out soon, some sooner than you might think.

Friday, May 1, 2009