Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 Articles Submitted to 5 Directories 1 Day Special Offer

In honor of Thursday March 5th, we’ve got our 5&5 special. That’s 5 FRESH SEO articles submitted to the top 5 directories on the internet.

Specifically we will write 5 FRESH articles on the topics of your choice up to 500 words long, and then submit each one to each of the following directories.

That’s a total of 25 Submissions and 5 Fresh SEO Articles to the Biggest Directories on the net! 6) (Pagerank 6) (Pagerank 5) (Pagerank 6) (Pagerank 5)

Approximate value of this package $540

Today Only Special $247!

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Note that since this is a special onetime offer we will email you after signing up to get your order information, keywords, etc.

Spring Forward,


The Buy Now button will be removed sometime late this evening, so GET IT TODAY before it is gone.

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