Friday, March 6, 2009

Work At Home Book Preview

For about a year I’ve been working on a stealth project that I had nicknamed “hard work” because it was all about, you guessed it, working hard. I wanted to create a manifest for people to use when considering making money from home, how they could do it, what works, what doesn’t, and how with the right dose of hard work and consistency one can truly make a living from home. The whole work at home thing has been so overplayed by MLM pyramid scheming hucksters that I felt like giving a true-to-the-word guide at how to really do it could work. I happen to work with over 400 people that are home working professionals, so there was no shortage of people to quiz on what really works when it comes to working from home.

The other element here is showcasing our writing staff in a way that would allow them to publish some of their work. So I put two and two together and what emerged was The Recession-Busting Guide to Making Money Online From Home.

So here is the deal, I wrote the first 5 chapters on some work at home ideas and experiences I’ve had, and then commissioned 14 people from our writing staff to each write a chapter on what they knew worked when it came to pulling in profits from their house.

The book is done, the editor should have it polished off next week, and I’m using’s POD platform to get it online QUICK so it should be for sale very soon. I plan on retailing the Kindle edition for $1 and the paperback should be under $10.

First Look at the Contents:

Chapter 1: Virtually Yours: How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant
Chapter 2: Making Money With Your Crafts Online
Chapter 3: Writing SEO Content for Webmasters
Chapter 4: Blogging for Bucks
Chapter 5: The At-Home Call Center
Contributor Preface
Chapter 6: Making Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 7: Become an Online Fitness Trainer
Chapter 8: Logo Design From Home: How to Sculpt a Profitable Business Image Shop
Chapter 9: Freelance Editing at Home
Chapter 10: Making Money at Home With Google AdSense
Chapter 11: Improving Your Business With Links
Chapter 12: At Home Mortgage Broker
Chapter 13: Pluck Bucks Without Laying Eggs
Chapter 14: Creating and Selling Private-Label Information Products With Private-Label Rights
Chapter 15: Profiting From Home With Shorts Reports
Chapter 16: Increasing Visibility With Public Relations
Chapter 17: The Art of Social Networking: How to Win Customers and Drive More Traffic to Your Site
Chapter 18: Making Money From Home With Transcription Services
Chapter 19: Home-Based Web Design (Without Using HTML)

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