Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Look Good Morning Rockstar “Mug”

As I was in the process of designing the mug for our upcoming IM ROCKSTAR Rewards program I realized a strange thing, rocker types probably don’t drink their coffee out of mugs. Heck, they might not drink coffee period!

With some careful consideration I tossed the traditional 12 oz ceramic cup in the trash, and went with a real thirst quencher, a 32 ounce straight up rockstar approved goblet, known to drink enthusiasts as the stadium cup.

Peep the design, and yes, that font does look familiar!

imageThe fella crushing the guitar is our theme for the entire promotional package, which includes a shirt, book, bag, cup, jump drive, and VIP rewards card. Can you say best thing that has happened to IM since, well, IM?

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