Monday, March 30, 2009

Five Free Things to Do Right Now

image The economy sucks, so does sales for many internet businesses these days. If you own an internet business do these 5 things right now.

1) Take a keyword phrase that relates to your business and put it into an article, make it the headline of the article as well as include it a dozen or so times in the article itself. When finished writing it submit the article to Ezine Articles for free.

2) Take the same keyword phrase and register a blog on for free with the keyword as the title of your blog, this will be the new place to post all the info about your company. This only works if you post regularly, so post regularly.

3) Sign up for a free trial with iContact so you can email people that read your blog and article on a regular basis. Once signed up create a list, title it something like “readers of my stuff” and then create an autoresponder to associate with that list. The autoresponder can be short, create 2 messages to start, the first thanking people for joining and the second offering some valuable information on your niche, if you sell oranges, tell em how to make orange juice with nothing but a paper towel and a steak knife.

4) Take an hour or two and visit a site that lists free high page rank directories, like this one, and submit your site to all the directories PR 4 or higher. Ignore those that claim this is no longer effective, a site of mine was created and submitted in this fashion and within a week ranked in the top 4 results on Google and now gets nearly 1k unique visitors a day, I know what I’m talking about here.

5) Rinse and repeat minus the iContact sign up, you only need to do that once. The other stuff will only become more effective when repeated on a regular basis. When you have a highly active blog, regular article postings, and regular high PR directory submissions you are in effect telling Google you are the expert in your niche, and thus you deserve the top spot in their natural search results for your keyword term.

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