Monday, March 2, 2009

Strange Business Book Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Breaking Point
Chapter 2: The Truth About the Four-Hour Workweek
Chapter 3: Bizarre Internet Marketing
Chapter 4: Storage Unit Office and Other Money-Saving Business Ideas
Chapter 5: Why I Spent $34,683 on Google AdWords This Year
Chapter 6: Article Marketing for Knuckleheads
Chapter 7: Banner Ads Suck and So Does Your Facebook Page
Chapter 8: Bikini Babe Usability
Chapter 9: Ruthless Email Marketing
Chapter 10: Why Services Are Easier to Sell Than Products
Chapter 11: Let Your Personality Do the Selling
Chapter 12: Internet Marketing Is More Fun With Friends
Chapter 13: Why You Need a Football Team to Run Your Business
Chapter 14: Do This Now
Chapter 15: Have Faith
Parting Thoughts

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