Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gamecock CFB Kickoff Today!

I'd be lying if I told you I was not overjoyed that football season has returned. For someone that spends way too much time locked up inside his home office, the idea of watching a football game with friends is breathtakingly fresh.

So I went a little bit overboard. I got a generator that can power like 8 TV's even though we just have one. I got a cooler that probably holds more than all 6 of us will eat combined in a game. My old roommate bought a Land Rover just to tailgate, and then of course there is the combined $540 we spent on parking for this season alone. Don't even mention the season tickets I bought online five seconds after they went on sale.

There is beauty in excess, something about the abundance of friends, family, and of course loyal fans that keeps my heart pounding for more. Columbia isn't known for having the most active nightlife scene in the country, but they are known for their incredible football games.

If the internet is where I make my money, the football stadium is where I like to spend it. Of course my girlfriend prefers the Louis Vuittion store in Charlotte. Well to each their own, and for today I hope you all enjoy a little Gamecock football, as it will be broadcast nationwide thanks to our friends at ESPN.

Got plans tonight? That's OK, next week's game is on ESPN prime time as well.

Life is good as a Gamecock fan.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Sign of The Times

So I know most of this blog is me popping off about our new products and services, but all my ranting takes a backseat to a sign we are truly in a new time.

I was browsing the Target website looking for a generator to use during tailgating this season and I found this, a WIND TURBINE! Who knew going green was as easy as visiting your local Target store.

Crazy stuff!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

100 Ideas In My Head


Long time no post, I know. This is going to be a short one. This is a warning of sorts, to all those that are thinking about selling content online, I'd stay away, because we are about to change the game, again.

I've got over 100 ideas swirling in my head right now all related to new products and services that will continue to embody innovation and web 9.0. Unfortunately we are really busy.

Well I guess I should say, fortunately we are really busy. So I'm in the middle of attempting to create better back end support for our existing customers (call center will launch Monday) as well as doing some sales letters and other marketing materials for big ticket clients.

Thus the lag in new sites this week.

Our company recently landed some of the top names in real estate, auto manufacturing, and web design, so you best believe when I catch my breath it is going to be on!

Like I said, I wouldn't compete with us, I'd just join us in the effort to dominate the content creation market online.

I hope your business is treating you well, and you will be hearing from me again soon, I can promise you that.

Happy August,