Saturday, March 28, 2009

Closet Design Lover

Knowing that I don’t like the uniform nature of most newer homes built in central South Carolina was the first sign I secretly love, and sometimes loathe design. Well maybe the first sign of it was back when I had that clothing store and in less than two years I had commissioned a hand blown steel “denim bar” that spanned over 4 ft tall and a table constructed entirely of SoCal redwood that prickles you every time you touch it. I guess those were the first indicators I was “into” design.

I can’t say I’ll ever start designing stuff myself, unless it is for, well, myself, but nonetheless I think I love design.

I was reminded of this yesterday when flipping through the Free Times I noticed an awesome spread on a home that sits about a mile from mine.


And then there was apartment therapy, probably my favorite new website, which I happened to stumble upon while reading about one of my favorite artists, Seonna Hong, and her impeccably designed crib.


Here is a pic of Seonna’s cool couch.


Which then led me to this picture below, which strikingly reminded me of an old motel bathroom I once showered in a few years back in North Myrtle Beach. Even though the motel left a lot to be desired, central air and a decent mattress most notably, it had the coolest shower. It was also pet friendly, because frankly I don’t think the rooms could get much more nasty no matter what a pet did to them. The difference here I think between the former bathroom design and the latter, is that the former was trying to be retro cool and the latter was just real old, and as my gal pal puts it, stinky.

image Here is a pic of that old motel sans the funky shower.

imageNext stop Michael’s craft shop, or Subway, or Starbucks, or bed.

It’s Saturday, so you’ll have to forgive the rant, I’m obviously bored over here.

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