Friday, May 15, 2009

Win a FREE $300 Netbook For Your Creative Use of The Word Tomfoolery


The easiest contest you'll ever do on Twitter is now LIVE. In 1 month we will select the most creative, funny, interesting, and dare we say outlandish use of the word tomfoolery when retweeting about our contest.

To enter our contest all you have to do is 3 things-

1) Follow @ClarkCovington on Twitter

2) Retweet the contest at least once, make sure to include this sentence below:

Follow @ClarkCovington to win a $300 netbook.

3) Use the remaining characters to state something clever using the word tomfoolery.

We'll select our favorite use on June 20th 2009 at 2 pm EST and award them a FREE netbook, and the title of most clever use of the word tomfoolery EVER.

There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can retweet this message, the more you retweet with different uses of the word and the sentence above, the better chance you have to win!


The winner will be able to select 1 of the following netbooks to receive FREE as the one that uses the word tomfoolery the best.

Acer Aspire ONE A150


Asus EEPC 900


HP 1030 NR


Dell Mini 9


MSI Wind 1



eliz07 said...

these little computers are hot!

Bloglife said...

nice...I would take any of them, but the Asus EEPC is my fav :)