Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Idea Jungle Launch Press Release

Seasoned Columbia Internet Developers Launch Monkey Business to Help Recession-Crunched Consumers and Businesses Save Money

Columbia, SC- A plump blue bird points a wing towards the screen of a MAC desktop computer, urging visitors to move forward in creating their own custom Twitter background for just $75. The service, 3StepTwitterBackground.com is just one of many new offerings to come from a new web development company started by 3 successful Columbians. The firm, named Idea Jungle, is co-owned by Wesley Donehue, Elizabeth Donehue, and Clark Covington.

Wesley Donehue, a successful Republican political operative, believed it was time to allow his internet ideas to come to life.

“People aren’t just working on the Internet. People are living on the Internet. For years I’ve had all these ideas to help businesses and individuals communicate on the web but I didn’t have a vehicle to bring the ideas to life. We are passionate about helping people brand themselves on the web.”

Idea Jungle was formed to act as the parent company for various web ventures like 3StepTwitterBackground.com. The company will also serve as a local web development firm for businesses in need of a polished presence on the web. Idea Jungle will also act as an incubator for aspiring internet entrepreneurs that are looking for angel investors, mentors, and even office space.

“Having a large internet business for several years now, my focus lately has gravitated more towards getting involved on a local level, with people I care about, and meeting new people that are interested in internet business,” explains Clark Covington.

Idea Jungle is currently developing several internet businesses including a one-size-fits-all custom website package for $997 and a series of vintage bowties sold in mason jars retailed on a state of the art website.

“What I love about Idea Jungle is how diverse the projects we work on can be. One minute it’s working with graphic designers on Twitter backgrounds, the next it’s talking with our sewing contractors about bowtie construction, it’s never boring.” Elizabeth Donehue says in regards to her passion for the new venture.

The company operates out of converted loft space in the historic 701 Whaley building.

For media inquires contact Elizabeth Donehue at goideajungle@gmail.com or via phone 864.641.1856.

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