Thursday, May 21, 2009

What’s Brewing?

Any brew master worth a lick will tell you that a good beer takes the right balance of ingredients mixed at the right time concocted in the right vessel at just the right temperature. In other words, it takes a lot more effort to brew a beer, than say make a cup of hot chocolate. My business has been making more beers lately than it has hot coco. 

A few highlights of what’s about ready for service-

Local SEO/IM Outreach

All I can say is it involves a pretty girl and neon colored folders. The rest is top secret, for now at least. I’ll try to share more when we hit the streets, literally!

Social Media Management

We’ve been handling our clients social media accounts for awhile now, but never formally built a service around it. We’re doing a few neat things that will make this not only the first service of it’s kind on the net, but also the best no matter how many people come up with copycat ventures.

Affordable Consulting Services Countdown to 30

I almost threw my lunch up on my keyboard when I saw the five figure price tag one so-called internet marketing expert was charging for a 8 week consulting program recently. Here is the deal, our Affordable Consulting Services is the best deal for so many reasons you’ll just have to visit the site yourself to see why. We are taking a total of 30 clients this summer and then going into sold out status. I hope to have it sold out by June.

Idea Jungle

Working with my friends is awesome, we’re going to do a few web development services, and some other cool stuff. It should be graphically on a level you have yet to see my stuff go before.

New Book

I wish, I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, maybe do another fiction book since my last one didn’t exactly skyrocket the NYT bestsellers list. I already know the title of my next business book, but I want to wait a bit on that one, let these others continue to grow that are on Amazon now. If I could just find the time, how stupid and cliché is that, when I think of that phrase I go back to the brewing analogy, sometimes it takes time to make something spectacularly tasty. Come to think of it, that’s my ultimate goal, to make tasty stuff.


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