Monday, May 4, 2009

Coming This Week…And Next

It’s a wonderful time to be an internet marketer, we’ve got more rule-breaking services in the works than ever before, as well as a few things to make working with us even easier. Here is an update on what is happening this week, and next in Rufus Space land.

Call Center Returns

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from working with our over 2,500 clients from around the world it’s that they appreciate a prompt response to their inquires, whether it be in regards to new orders, potential orders, or simply checking on the status of an order. In our quest to be the absolute destination for affordable internet marketing services we are revamping our call center, making it local, and getting YOU the number soon.  Stay tuned on this…

Video Book Reviews

Many of you have experienced our incredible Reader Spoils affordable book review service over the past year. For those that want to take their book marketing game to the next level keep an eye out for our new Real Reader Video Book Reviews, where our actual Reader Spoils members film a review of your book on a webcam and upload it to your book page, all for a price you WILL NOT believe! As soon as I get our sample order complete this service will go live.

Strange Business Show

Strange Business has 15 chapters of experience driven internet marketing tips and tricks. I’m doing a limited edition web TV show, 1 episode per chapter, 10 minutes each discussing the overarching themes of the chapter at hand. This is like Cliff Notes for the YouTube generation. This show will absolutely get your minds going as to how to build an online business like yours truly has.  Episode 1 coming to my blog VERY soon.

New Article Submission Services

We’re trying something new this week, name your own submission site, any site, anywhere on the net, one low flat fee! I’m sure this is going to be interesting, this will go out to our email list later this week, to join our list go HERE.

Twitter Services Coming Soon

Getting familiar with  Twitter is akin to transferring to a new high school for your senior year. You don’t just walk in the building and run the place. You’ve got to get a feel for how to interact, what works, and more importantly what doesn’t, and react accordingly. I’m quietly observing the Twittersphere on a daily basis coming up with the services that I think would be of most value to internet marketing professionals, and business owners. Services will be out soon, some sooner than you might think.

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