Friday, April 24, 2009

What Kind of World Is This?

We exist to be criticized. Sneered at, snickered to, pushed, pulled, shoved, and shaken. We are a human cup of ice, juggled around in disrupting fashion by anyone with hands.

We live in a world where a beauty pageant contestant can’t answer a question honestly, bad behaving celebrities are celebrated instead of scorned, and those that can get on TV frequently enough become experts by virtue of the fact that they can, well, get on TV.

What happened to being patient with each other, what happened to spending time with family, and friends, what happened to a simple life where we were less interested in kicking someone that was down, than we were in helping pick them up?

Life has become a perpetual series of distractions, with the absurd phrase coming out of our mouths all too often, I’m sorry we don’t spend more time together, it’s just life is so hectic.

The root of it all I’m afraid is the same thing that affords me a life of bosslessness pleasure, the internet.

Everyone has gone online, which in a way has taken us all offline. We are off the social grid. No more water cooler conversation, everyone is in a stare off with their boysenberry iphonetastic device that might as well come in the color crutch tan, since after all that is it’s most frequent purpose.

Information sharing should lead to better understanding, not divisive meaningless distractions. Think gossip sites and time wasting social networks.

Are we more interested in snooping through 50 pictures of a person online than we are at being part of those pictures?

Here’s to getting in the picture more, and snooping less, to letting the human cup sit and bathe in the glory of God’s great sun, the domain nameless, Twitterless, no-Facebook-having sun.