Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog Populator Email


In my tireless effort to create affordable SEO services I stumbled upon a simple concept that just might help you gain more traction in the search engines. Truth be told I did not need to think of this service, many of our wonderful clients already had requested that we do it. It was just a matter of putting the idea into an affordable package and offering it to you, the almighty customer.

Enter, the cheapest service we’ve ever created. For just $5 with no minimum order we’ll write compelling blog comments on your blog, and as an added bonus we’ll social bookmark your blog on Digg, Technocrati, and Stumble Upon.

You can buy as many or as few blog comments as you like, it’s that simple.

Do blog comments really help with your search rank? Yes! They help build community, engage readers, and as the domain name hints, they populate in the search engines. Sometimes the blog comments seem to rank higher than the posts themselves.

Get in on this for the price of a Subway sandwich, it’s truly one of the cheapest internet marketing services ever created…And it works!

Happy Monday!


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