Monday, April 20, 2009

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Follow Me on Twitter for Secret Sale & Swag

You should just want to follow me because we’re cool like that. But I’m not afraid to bribe you with a few special perks to spend the 10 seconds it takes to click Follow on the link below.

I’ll be giving away some stuff this week via Twitter as I’m moving from one ranch home to another and have way too much stuff to take with me. Goodies include a stack of $5 BP gas cards, random promotional t-shirts, and of course a healthy portion of free books.

Adding to the allure of following me on Twitter is our first twitastic promotion, where I’ll be giving a healthy discount off one of our more popular services this week via Twitter only.

Tweet Tweet,


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P.S. Those that know me realize I am crossing over on this one, I still think Twitter is kind of silly, but once I saw Oprah get on it, I had to do it, call me a sellout, but I know a popular web app when I see one, and apparently so does the rest of the world.

P.P.S. Going to the beach this summer? Why not get your education on with Strange Business, available at so when you come home you’re both bronzed and IM savvy.

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