Saturday, April 11, 2009

1,249 Articles Sold This Week

Our annual $8 article sale is over, and we sold a whopping 1,249 custom SEO articles in just 5 days time.  If you knew how many people ordered less than 10 articles you’d realize just how awesome that figure is.


Our $8 article sale was a success by any standards, the fact that it did what it did in this down economy is even more remarkable. 

Thanks to our wonderful customers, old and new, many of whom hadn’t ordered since the last sale nearly a year ago. We appreciate your business no matter how often you order from us.

Also this year a new twist to our marketing was an updated AdWords ad that interestingly enough helped our conversions increase by nearly 30% over last week. I guess even people that have never tried us appreciate a sale.

I’m exhausted.

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