Saturday, January 31, 2009

SEO Value of a Domain Name

Those that read my blog regularly might remember a few weeks back I built the website on a sad and boring Saturday without football. So here I am a few weeks later to check up on our little canine tribute site's SEO rank.

Without a single drop of SEO work (besides adding the URL to Google by going HERE) and not a single additional bit of content since the site was built it is now ranking on page 1 for over 700k results when the phrase Chow German Shepherd is searched. Apparently 41 people have visited the site since it was built, and a few even clicked the AdSense ads!

God bless those pups for helping me point out the incredible SEO value of a keyword rich domain. Those in the know call this effect the domain name bonus, I'm thinking of changing that jargon sounding name to the Jack & Jill bonus, because dogs are cool, even if they are illustrating dry SEO theories.

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