Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snubbed Out of the Forbes 25 Web Celebrities List

Despite my best Internet Marketing Rockstar t-shirt hawking efforts, I was snubbed from the 25 top web celebrity list. As you can imagine I’m both shocked and crushed, kind of like finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you with your best friend’s dad, it feels awkwardly sad to be left off such a list.

In all seriousness there are some awesome people I’d never heard of on the list, the two individuals that fascinated me the most are Cory Doctorow’s free download with lots of rights book marketing efforts and Steve Rubel’s mention of a Web 2.0 aggregator called FriendFeed.

The person that I could relate to the most was actually on a less flattering list, those that have dropped off the top 25. I did not know that Darren Rouse used to be a minister,that is really cool though, I did know him as the guy behind Problogger. He also has promoted his book along with mine since it’s very first day on Amazon as I’ve so gracefully illustrated below.

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