Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Post of an Email About Blog Posts


Whether you are marketing discount apparel or attempting to build a brand around your new book, fresh blog posts are THE way to stand out on the internet. I’ve been a fan of blogs for a long time, but just recently have fully realized their SEO potential.

Imagine search engines such as Google acting as a giant strainer, the type a chef would use to dry out a ten pound boulder of spaghetti in a commercial kitchen. After the straining is complete, the only thing left in the metal contraption is what the chef wanted to begin with, pasta. Search engines, at least in theory, act the same way in the sense that they attempt to drain out all the unnecessary stuff, and leave the user with whatever it is they were after to begin with.

So if your website is the water so to speak, and you want badly to be part of the spaghetti that is the final result of a good straining, how can that happen? Is it even possible to be part of something that has already formed in a given structure? I believe it is in fact possible, and one of the best ways to show up is through consistent blog posts.

Regular posts on blogs, sticking with the analogy above, creates a crumb building effect that ultimately allows for the presence of a given website at or near the top when all other elements are strained by the search engines. In other words, if you post to a blog often, you are creating littler kernels that when bunched together offer the search engine algorithms a compelling reason to be placed for any given keyword term.

Time after time I’ve searched certain keyword terms, and noticed that above even the namesake domains, are highly active blogs. The key to success here is to continually post high quality content to a blog with relevant keyword terms.

I like saturating the search engines with more than one website, because for me, it isn’t about the top spot on page 1 in Google, as it is about having the top 4 out of 5 spots on Google. I want my website, and my client’s sites to be impossible to ignore when you search their money keyword terms in Google.

But who has time to write all that content, and do all the research that makes a quality post, well, quality? Our writers have plenty of time, and the beauty of our Blog Content Creator service is that through each month our writers get to know the client, and their business very well. This makes for high quality posts that only get better with time. This formula combined with a blog’s natural ability to attract search rank (think RSS feeds, commenting, and the like) makes this service one of the best our company has to offer.

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I hope you find this email, and my spaghetti talk helpful in reaching your SEO goals this year.


Clark Covington



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