Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't Get Caught With Your Skirt Down

What a great title for a book! This author went for publishing on CreateSpace.com (Probably the cheapest POD company in the world) which is something I had just finished recommending to a consulting client, to getting a book deal with Simon & Shuster! About a year ago a writer of ours told me that he put a book through CreateSpace.com and it was a good experience. The company is owned by Amazon, which means that when authors publish there you can integrate with the Amazon marketplace virtually immediately.

Being that I spent over $5,000 on publishing my last book under my own press, the fees here are a little more reasonable. Try a one time fee of $40 and then $5 a year, and that's it! Haha, I really like the way these people operate.

A great video clip of the whole story, and how she wrote it in less than 4 months is here.

Man that is an awesome story, and inspiring to all those that are trying to get themselves a book deal!

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jill said...

Clark, thanks for mentioning my book and story. Book distribution is changing, and POD is a wonderful way to get started in creating content without having to front the printing costs. If the goal is to get a six-figure book deal, what better way but to pitch an already existing book that is selling, has a market, and getting good reviews? BTW, those four months were intense, but it was worth getting the book to market before the financial collapse in September. I 'knew' that it would happen around fall 2008, which is why it was imperative to finish the project in summer 2008 to precede the recession.