Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Work of Summer


Let’s just say I had some time on my hands this summer. It wasn’t the best summer of my life, I was as antisocial as I’ve ever been, and most of my energy went into my work in some form or another. My way of dealing with loneliness is putting 200% into my work, and letting the feelings numb up until they disappear.

As a company we launched a few new websites, moved offices, and continued to grow. As an individual I spent much of the summer reflecting on the idea of success. What is success? How do you achieve it? Are you successful if you get what you want but lose other things you wanted more in the process?

Without having the answer to any of the questions listed above, I started to reflect on my on strategy on how to reach a seemingly impossible to achieve goal.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there was a fairly straightforward game plan to making a dream a reality. Work hard, sacrifice things you enjoy for things you love, and then double up and work even harder. Ignore naysayers, and push past self defeating attitudes, and never quit, no matter what others tell you is possible in your own life.

Feeling like a walking talking cliché, I took a step back and wondered if there was a way to punch through all the overused self help jargon, and offer up real advice that actually could serve a person trying to reach something monumental in their life. Protect the Flame was born. A simple book that tackles a tough problem in society today, staying focused in the age of distraction.

I’ve included the back cover copy below, the book is set to go on sale in two weeks.

The ultimate paradox of living in the information age is that with all the wisdom made available to us, it is as hard to achieve a dream as ever before. Could simplicity, hard work, and detailed planning be the answer to achieving a lofty goal? Author Clark Covington thinks so, and in his new book, Protecting the Flame: A Practical Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True, he describes the same detailed game plan he has used to make dozens of his own far-fetched dreams a reality.

Learn the real secrets to achieving lifelong goals by subscribing to the simple methods of getting things done illustrated throughout this book. It explores everything from the importance of the 10 Commandants to why eating fajitas on Friday night can help your dreams come true. The book intricately weaves instructional advice with relevant anecdotes that are sure to entertain, enlighten, and, most important, educate. No other book will show you how to achieve your dreams in such a candid, down-to-earth style as this one. For every dreamer in the world, this is your handbook.

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