Monday, November 2, 2009

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Lunch1MFA1B One of The Pictures Made For The Walls of Clark’s Office

Book Complete

Finally finished editing the manuscript of Protect The Flame: A Practical Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True. I’m really excited about this book coming out, it was by far the most fun to write out of any of the books I’ve penned thus far. Now I’ve got a few more weeks to wait while the real editor polishes it up, and the layout people work on the interior and cover design. Another exciting thing about this project is the fact that this book will be printed in Charleston, SC. My publisher is owned by Amazon, and they happen to base their operations out of Charleston, which is awesome. This will be my fourth book published in 2009.

Time Won’t Slow For Me

As Halloween came and went this weekend I was quickly reminded at just how fast time passes by when you’re as busy as I am. In a way I still feel like its spring and summer is just around the corner, probably because I spent the majority of my summer working, without much time spent away with family and friends. Hopefully this fall and winter will be more balanced than the summer.

Let’s Hang Out

Speaking of work life balance, there are a bunch of great opportunities to get involved and spend time with me if you live in the area. We have a double dose of fun each Friday when we as an office hold a free day of coffee, doughnuts, and coworking at our office on State St. In the afternoon we volunteer at local charities throughout the city of Columbia. You are cordially invited to both events any week you’d like to come. I’m also toying around with founding a new meetup group for the Columbia area focused on internet based businesses, and those wanting to start a business online. Just call 864-641-1856 for more details.

PR / SEO / Social Media Work

Our company is in the fortunate position of constantly needing help with our business projects. We run a less is more operation, by charging less than our competition and delivering more we seem to have a good reorder rate among our 4,000 plus client base. The residual effect of this business model is an ongoing slew of projects coming through our company. With our office now open we’re starting to do more outreach to try to place some of the jobs locally. They mostly revolve around writing in some fashion or another. If that’s your thing and you are looking for work, reach out and we’ll chat.

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