Thursday, November 26, 2009

200th Blog Post


So Blogger tells me we’ve hit the big double century mark. The first iteration of this blog was a simple white template with an aerial view of a glass of Coke on the rocks with a headline that read Creative Journal. The header kind of felt right at the time, these small islands of ice floating in bubbly cola fighting to stay afloat. Four years later not much has changed.

We’re still fighting to stay afloat. With any business in any climate becoming a market leader is incredibly hard, and keeping that status is even harder. While we are still the leading SEO article writing company, press release writing company, and social media management company in the world, it hasn’t been easy.

As the business has matured I have started to wonder more and more if we are at a critical mass, have we done as much business as we can for a self funded private company like ours? Would the next step be to seek investors? The answers are not clear to me, but the questions seem to enter my mind on a daily basis.

Surely we’ll be involved in affordably helping businesses and authors gain more exposure online in some fashion.

What’s Next

Clark’s Office is now in full operation, and the feedback from it has been marvelous. People genuinely seem to like the design of the place, and it has an energy that is as positive as it is productive. We’re looking into building a larger executive office in the old kitchen of the building, more to come on this soon if it materializes.

Protect The Flame should be published next week. More to come on this as it comes out.

A bevy of new services will come out of our company in the next several months, including a long awaited web design and maintenance business, a suite of services handpicked for auto shop websites, and a play on social networking that allows people to connect without pretense. All and all it should be a good final month of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all that read this blog, you small but growing contingent are wonderful in your support of all that we do.

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