Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chapter 8 of Strange Business Book Audio Recording

Ready to get your education on? Press play to listen to chapter 8 of my upcoming book Strange Business: The Unconventional Guide to Internet Marketing. My gift to you, enjoy!


Wambui Bahati "Miss Inspiration" said...

That's just 1 chapter? There's more info in this 1 chapter than in a lot of whole books I've bought. Lot of good tips. very well written. Looking forward to the whole book. Thanks.

Roly said...

Very helpful. I came to this chapter after many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to market a commercial version of our free on-line tool (in case you're curious, it can verify email addresses).

After listening to your 1st chapter, I am going to use "Bronze, Silver, Gold"...Easy when you know how:) I'll also be adding my mug shot somewhere on the site but perhaps not one of me just getting out of bed (not pretty!).

Just one suggestion
Personally, I would probably buy your book in audio format if this were available as this allows me to multi-task (listen/learn and work simultaneously).

Clark Covington said...

Thanks for the comments, Wambui I really appreciate it.

Roly I agree, I do that with audiobooks all the time. I think I will probably record the whole thing and do it as a download or CD or both... Thanks for the feedback!