Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eighteen Things Going On At Once

1- The continual reorganization of my two offices. I’ve got more printers than Kinkos.

2- Still working on finishing the work at home guide that our writers contributed to.

3- Finished filming the commercial for Resume Ape today, looks amazing.

4- About to use that commercial as a sample in our upcoming live talent video service.

5- Working on preliminary publicity for Strange Business, including a feature at Book Expo.

6- Trying to finish the new Grisham book, the 37 Signals book, and a fiction writer’s workshop book.

7- Waiting on the shipment of those incredibly cool American Apparel Resume Ape shirts to arrive.

8- Trying to find speakers for the new desktop, don’t they all come with them to begin with?

9- Researching aging info marketers websites for the heck of it. They need Wordpress bad!

10- Trying to get Jack to stop scratching the cut on his neck.

11- Attempting to read two newspapers a day carefully for trends and pleasure.

12- Making repeated attempts to clean out my inbox, no matter how many emails arrive in a day.

13- Trying to figure out if Starbucks will sell me a commercial grade brewer for my bedroom.

14- Wanting to buy more Art.

15- Thinking about Ft Lauderdale real estate.

16- Wondering why people fax so much still when email is cheaper, quicker, and more convenient.

17- Setting up the Marketing Mountain seminar at the one awesome cabin.

18- Looking forward to Dateline tomorrow night.

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