Friday, March 5, 2010

Simplicity by Coffee Maker

The other day I was asked an odd question, what’s your favorite coffee maker? Maybe the question arose because the person asking it knew what a coffee freak I am. For those that don’t know, I run my business out of a glorified coffee shop. My taste in coffee often is quenched by strong bold blends. I like Kona, and Colombian. I enjoy multiple cups a day every day. My coffee brewer of choice? A $7 red coffee maker I picked up from Target a year ago.

This cool red coffee maker stands out in my otherwise black appliance filled kitchen. The design, while nice, is not what makes this coffee brewing machine so special. The simplicity of the machine is what makes it such a notable piece of mechanics. When asked to explain why I liked this cheap coffee maker from target so much my answer was as enthusiastic as it was immediate; it’s simple to use I explained.

This coffee making contraption has a single button that functions as both the on/off switch and the brew switch. When the machine is on it brews, when off it doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. Creating great websites is a lot like replicating the genius of design and function this machine so eloquently displays day after day.

Make your website do everything it needs to do in the absolute fewest steps possible. Let it stand out among the others by allowing for great design and colors on the page. And finally, make it affordable, whatever it is, the spirit of the internet is rooted deeply in affordability, so make your pitch one that focuses on value. Follow these rules when building a website and success will surely start to drip your way.

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