Thursday, March 11, 2010

New SEO Book Outline

New SEO, new era SEO, the new era of SEO, all are possibilities for title of my new book detailing the latest strategies, in, you guessed it, the world of SEO. For those that care about gaining and maintaining a presence in Google, and prefer straight talk instead of bibble babble posturing like most of these SEO firms offer, here is a short outline of what you can expect from the new book.

The format-

To call this a book is more than generous. It’s more like a workbook, or a guide, maybe a guidebook? It’s a short, to the point, use it, write notes in the margins, and then pass it on to a friend when done type packet of information. Each chapter of this opus will address a given newly minted SEO technique in the following three ways

-What It Is

-Why It Works

-Do It Yourself Tips

The crux of the piece-

How to Rank Quickly in Google for Little to No Money


Why A New Era of SEO

Cost should not be an issue

Time to rank should be much faster than before

Focus should be on Google exclusively

Chapter 1-

Blog Comments Followers Allowed

Chapter 2-

Social Network Assets Robust Web Footprints

Chapter 3-

Frequently Updated Blog Content

Chapter 4-

Video Tags, Titles, and Distribution Methods

Chapter 5-

Selective Article Links

Chapter 6-

Everything Google

Chapter 7-

CMS Websites

Chapter 8-

Press Releases with Free PR Directories

Chapter 9-

Video Distribution Intelligently

Chapter 10-

AdWords For SEO

Conclusion and summary

As people become more sophisticated at searching things online SEO becomes easier for the business owner.

You no longer have to think in terms of ranking for a singular phrase, think longtail for easy obtainable results.

Regional businesses have the easiest ability to rank out of everyone.

A lot if not all the ideas in this report are available to you for free and can be done by you for free, or very little cost.

Coming in the near future to your favorite online bookstores.

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