Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the Most of Spring

Some pollen snuck its way up my nose the other day, I sneezed, spring had announced its presence. How was your winter? Great, crappy, somewhere in-between? What’s the game plan for the Easter season, more of the same? Let’s hope not.

The beauty of routine is derived from the way we get extraordinary tasks done effortlessly. How did the dogs consume that 40lb bag of food in a week? One heaping stainless steel bowl at a time, that’s how. An uglier side of routine is the way it defeats our creativity, undermines our risk taking ability, and shuts down our extracurricular ambitions, Cantonese lessons anyone?

Make this spring as productive as it is different from any other spring in the past by embracing what I call bonus time.

Bonus time is that short glimpse of time before you go to bed and when you wake up that belongs entirely to you. I recall a story the pastor of my church told a few years back about how he finds 5 am the absolute perfect time to talk to God. No interruptions from others via phone, email, or in person gave this preacher the perfect time to connect with the Lord.

Devine inspiration is a funny thing, turns out at 5 am much can get done. So too is the case at 1 am. If you often end up on the losing end when battling for your time throughout the day, use these bonus spaces of time as your place to do what you so badly want to do.

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