Thursday, July 23, 2009

Email To Clients About Our Top Secret Stuff


So you probably know we are the leading SEO article writing firm in the world, maybe you’re familiar with the fact we write more press releases than anybody else online, but are you aware of some of the behind the scenes stuff we do for our clients each month?

I didn’t think so, c’mon, have a peek, it’s actually pretty interesting some of the funky stuff we do.

Top secret projects are the norm for us around here, in fact I’d say a third or our business comes from unlisted services that people pay for through email and as far as the greater world would know, never were done by us to begin with. These are the like the ghost services to match the ghostwriter aspect of our business.

So in case you are in search of a provider for some of those things we do that we don’t yet have a website for selling it, I’ve listed a few of our more popular services below.

Landing pages-

I love writing landing page copy, its short, to the point, and often requires a creative approach to convince someone to do something they normally wouldn’t do in so few words. It’s a challenge for sure, but it’s fun, and we’ve done landing pages for everyone from web app developers to professional sports organizations. The price is typically in the $500 to $1,000 range depending on the project, so it’s about 60% cheaper than our full blown sales letter writing service.

Product descriptions-

For as little as $3 a pop we can create fresh SEO friendly product descriptions for your ecommerce website. We’ve done tens of thousands of them for everything from diet pills to radio controlled monster trucks.

Weekly submissions-

Some people want to crush their competition online, nothing personal I’m sure, but these people don’t play around, so for them we create custom weekly submission packages. We write the content, submit all over the place, and send them a weekly report with live links to their content. It’s amazing what can happen SEO wise when people have us submit every week for them.

Community population- 

Ok, this is just a fancy word for forum posting. We do forum posting for a few bucks a post, and have done it for many websites successfully. We offer both one-off boost packages, and ongoing maintenance packages to keep your forum chock full of users.

Large scale social media management-

Our most popular service of the year has to be our social media management program, it’s an industry first in many ways, but some people wanted to juice it up a few notches. Since we priced it so comparatively low to anything else that even monitored a social media account, some clients have requested major additions to their packages such as integrating YouTube videos, LinkedIn networking, social bookmarking, blog comments, and so on. We can scale this thing up to 20k a month, can you even imagine what that would look like?

White label affiliate sites-

Pay to be affiliates? Yep, some people with an existing customer or email list base of people our services would appeal to actually pay us big money to build their own robust websites with killer sales copy to get people to buy from them so they can then turnaround and buy from us, at a profit of course. Some affiliates make some very good money this way, and relatively speaking it’s cheaper than opening a McDonalds.

Consulting with sales letter packages-

At nearly 5 G’s our consulting plus sales letter retail price is not cheap, so when you do need both we try to knock off some of the price as a reward for signing up for these high ticket services. Inquire today about this with more info about what your needs are and we'll see what we can do.

Kitchen sink deals-

This is probably our most popular special request, the kitchen sink deal. Here we basically toss in a bunch of things our clients request into a single monthly package, send them a special link to sign up, send them a special link to fill out their various information, and get to work helping them build their business online. Not only can you save some cash with these deals, you also receive a more streamlined level of service since you aren’t forced to go to the various websites of ours to sign up each month.

Want to work with us on any of the above? Simply reply to this email with details about what you need and I’ll do my best to reply to you with a quote via email, info on turnaround time, and what all it would take to get the job done for you.

Oh yeah, do it soon, I’m off to San Juan this Saturday and if the place is as beautiful as people say it is, I just might toss my laptop in the ocean and stay there.



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