Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back From The Beach


After a restful and productive week at the beach I’m back, and there is a lot of exciting things bubbling in the company pot right now.

Here are just a few things going on right now-

We’re moving into a new office space in the next 2 weeks, more info on that later, hopefully this will be the last move for while. There is some interesting options out there, so my goal of bringing this business more public could be reached in the near future.

New Twitter services, nobody can deny Twitter is an all out movement on the internet, and we are creating services at breakneck speed to help you get the most out of the service. Stay tuned for everything from a contest service that guarantees everyone wins, to a niche service for restaurateurs that want to harness social networks to promote what they’re cooking. Tasty!

Crowdsourced book revisions. I’ve been tinkering with this concept for a year now, and it’s almost ready to launch. For those that author books this service will change the way you get feedback from people on your work. I’ve already committed two of my upcoming titles to this method as a way to test it out, and all I can say is, wow. It’s coming soon.

Changes in our submission services. We’re going to adjust some of our article submission services to better suit our customer needs, this will count eliminating some services that people aren’t using, and juicing up others that have been very popular in recent years.

Affiliates, we’re working on it. We had an outstanding response to our call for affiliates a few weeks back, we’re sorting through all the information and working on developing a program now.

As the heat starts to really amp up in the month of July I feel like it’s energizing our business with productivity fueled innovation, I know a major breakthrough is in our near future, hopefully you’ll be there with us when it occurs.

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