Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Westin WakeCup Single Serving Coffee Maker EIBOS

Our EIBOS item of the day you can’t buy, so it’s a pleasure only meant for the road, the Westin WakeCup.

This single serving coffee maker co-branded with Starbucks brews what seems to be Tassimo T-Disc of Starbucks coffee into a 12 oz cup. The coffee tastes almost as good as if you bought it from a Barista at a regular Starbucks, and the convenience is unmatched among coffee makers.

What makes this thing so exceptional is its low footprint, it can fit on a small tray easily, as well as its clean-free system that allows you to literally clean it in 10 seconds, simply unplug, toss out the disc, and you’re done.

I’m all about simplicity, and this one button machine is truly perfect for the internet marketer that chooses to consume copious amounts of caffeine on their own schedule, next time you are ready to build a website, visit a Westin for the evening, indulge in a WakeCup brewing experience, and next thing you know your website will be polished and ready to sell.

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