Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking for a Few Good Affiliates

I was wondering if you wanted to help me sell our low priced SEO / PUBLICITY / INTERNET MARKETING services for a share of the profits? The risk on your end is 0, and the reward can be pretty big, since our sites convert fairly well. With over 40 unique services on the web today we really do offer something for nearly anyone that is trying to get attention online.

It's never easy to sell anything, but it's easier to sell our stuff than most online, even our affiliate program is totally unique and personal.

In a nutshell we are after 20 qualified people to help promote what we do, and will be building them a custom website, creating tracking methods for them to keep up with sales, and helping train them in what we do.


Your site will have a brief intro about your (our) services, and then links to each Buy Now page. On the Buy Now page you'll have specially custom coded PayPal buttons that track your sales.

We can also put your logo at the top of the site, or if you wish we'll just use your name and /or company name.

Your site will look something like this -


In Short

We are going to build custom websites for 20 people to help promote our services

We are only looking for people that have the ability to promote this regularly and are committed to a long term relationship

We don’t want people that just want to buy for themselves at a discount, as that’s not allowed

This can be a way you can make a lot of money each month and look smart in the process

Get Started

Please fill out my form.

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