Friday, September 16, 2011

I Love My Mom

The noise left my house around 4 pm today, silence comes early on Fridays, with all the chatter from clients following their bodies to Vail, or Palm Springs, or wherever they weekend. I wondered how many of them were looking forward to spending time with their kids, soccer games and spilling stuff in the back of the minivan. I’ve always said I want 10, maybe it’s time to stop talking like that.

Not sure why I was thinking of my mom so much today, it was as ordinary of a day for me as any. Woke up too late, answered emails, took client calls, spent a few minutes on the phone with pops talking about father and son stuff, read girls, and then he’s back to the office, I better get back to mine. More calls, more emails, wrote some web copy, sent some tweets, and then hit the market. Mom was on my mind.

I texted a love interest yesterday, she never wrote back. Today I drove past a lost love as I left the market, she didn’t turn around to wave, 0 for 2 in love games this week. The thought brought me to mom, and how no matter what she’s always ready to talk. Frued, you might be right, maybe men do just want to marry their mom? Or at least someone that’s nice to them consistently.

I was working late tonight, silence replaced by Swedish electronica, packing boxes for client giveaways, on guess the subject, moms. Dang, I thought, why don’t I send my mom all this stuff like I send to these strangers. I need to do more for her.

Dinner alone is no different than lunch or breakfast alone, I just sit and wonder, thinking about the past, the present, and the future. I say thanks, so much to be thankful for, I swear I almost died three times already, and that’s not counting childhood.

Most clients won’t call my cell past dark, sans the international ones, so when my phone started buzzing away in my pocket I thought it must be mom, of course it was. We spoke, she told me she was wearing the Clark Covington internet marketing rockstar shirt I sent her years ago, I laughed, she asked what it meant, I told her nothing anymore. She asked me to send her something to read, I told her better yet I’d bring her a book soon. She got excited, and then asked how the dogs were, she knew better than to ask about the girlfriend.

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