Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clark’s Office Coworking Facility to Open 10/23/2009


So it’s official, a date has been set for the opening of the project I’ve spent the better part of the summer working on, Clark’s Office. Our team is hard at work finishing off the construction, design, and membership materials in time to get this awesome place open. I think you’ll like it when you see it.

So what is Clark’s Office? It’s a place to cowork. What the heck does cowork mean? It’s a shared office space in a cafe style setting. Clark’s Office is ideally suited for independent creative professionals that are sick of going to Starbucks to do their daily work, yet don’t want to spend a ton of cash on renting an office space.

I’ll be releasing more info on the details of the membership options as they come out, but in a nutshell for a few hundred bucks a month you can have full access to an office that is incredibly cool, along with unlimited gourmet coffee, laser printer usage, super fast wifi, use of our graphic design suite, and so much more.

We’ll be having events there, and with membership you can too!

I’ll literally be working their most days as well (thus the name) which should make for some incredible networking opportunities. My staff is also based out of the office, so you’ll get a chance to pick their brains, and see if together we can’t help each other do better business.

If you’re a graphic designer, coder, writer, work at home anything, or just somebody that likes to do their work in inspiring places, this is something you’ll want to tour. We’ll be doing a Free Coffee Friday event most weeks to get people acquainted with the place.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Statewide Property Inspections said...

very very cool. i love the idea of coworking. as a home inspector for the past 8 years, i do work out of my home and often do need to meet others. As a former coffee shop owner, i see this as a extension of the coffee house idea.
please keep me posted as events happen.