Monday, October 26, 2009

Mission Completed…Almost!

As my father often tells me, things always take longer than you expect them to, boy has that adage been the truth as of late. With over 90 days of work to get the first ever Coworking facility in the state of South Carolina opened up my instant gratification personality nearly became forever crushed. Thankfully the space is complete, and I can now go back to doing things that don’t take 3 months to launch like I’m used to.

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New Book Manuscript Complete

My 3rd book of 2009 is just about finished. I’ve got a few weeks of waiting while the editor makes my conversational writing technically acceptable, and the graphic design team lays out the pages, does the cover art, etc. With luck I’m shooting for an 11/14 release date, a few weeks past my Halloween goal, but close enough.

The book is titled Protect The Flame: A Practical Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True. As you might be thinking, the book is a self help style guide to getting more done in less time. This is my first non-fiction book that isn’t explicitly for the business reader, so I hope all will take some time to read it. I flesh out detailed strategies I’ve used to get more done, including how to leverage your current status to achieve success, how sleep helps people get what they want, and why positive thinking is more than clichéd overused guru jabber. I’ve also included a fair amount of stories that involve a lot of people in my life, so who knows, you might actually be in this book, and chances are you won’t know it unless you read it! ***Secret marketing ploy alert***

Classified Ad Submission Service

Back to business, for those small businesses looking for presence on the web, our classified ad writing and submission service is almost ready to launch. It’ll allow you to get your ad on the top 50 classified ad sites on the net for a reasonable price. Classified ad sites get an insane amount of traffic, and as I’ve learned over the years to ignore them as a marketing space is like tossing your iPhone in the toilet, not a good idea.

Expect a launch later this week for our Classified Ad Submission Service.

Focus Groups

I’m still fine tuning a focus group business solution for our customers, if you’re in the South Carolina region and are interested in being part of it, please reach out. One of our best clients is a usability consultant for some of the largest businesses on the web, and with his help we’re developing some insanely cool focus group packages for businesses, authors, and influencers that want unbiased advice on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their website, product, or service. More to come on this soon…

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