Monday, September 14, 2009

Social Media Mgt Press Release

South Carolina Entrepreneur Courts Big Business with New Social Media Management Service

West Columbia, South Carolina- With the explosive growth of social networks like Twitter and Facebook it was only a matter of time before public relations firms started offering services to help businesses gain better presence on these massively popular websites. One such firm, Social Media Management Service is doing just that by offering an industry first full package affordable Twitter and Facebook management program.

“Whenever you have something that becomes a phenomenon like Twitter and Facebook have as of late, you’re going to see a major demand for PR firms like ours to help people be a part of it,” explains Social Media Management Service owner Clark Covington.

Social Media Management Service offers a simple program that has peaked the interest of major corporations from a diverse range of industries.

“As soon as we launched our service a good portion of the type of leads we were getting were from major fortune 500 companies, billion dollar enterprises obviously wanted to get in on social networking and the service has been growing at a rocket’s pace ever since,” says Clark Covington.

Not everyone has bought into the social media management concept. Many critics believe that paying a third party to speak for a brand on networks like Twitter and Facebook is undermining the quality of the communication that company produces on such networks.

“We are very quick to point out our service is as much about becoming part of our client’s organization as possible. We spend a large amount of time getting to know the brand we represent, and take very serious our responsibilities to uphold that brand on such networks. In other words, we liken ourselves to a telecommuting staff member of the company we represent, rather than a third party contractor,” notes Clark Covington.

Each day Social Media Management service works on behalf of clients as diverse as private aviation brokers to major consumer product companies to produce meaningful dialogue on networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Setup as a single low monthly fee program that includes everything from profile setup to weekly reporting, the company has experienced rapid growth all the while operating out of one of the most dismal job markets in the country.

“Not only are we getting new clients all the time to sign on with us, more importantly we have had a very low dropout rate, essentially 9 out of 10 companies that sign up with us have stayed on board,” says Clark Covington.

The ultimate sign Social Media Management Service is doing alright might just be the fact that they’re hiring, something the state of South Carolina could use more of.

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