Monday, September 21, 2009

Coworking, New Book, New PR Site, and Affordable Focus Group Service Coming Soon

It’s been the summer of work, and hopefully fall will bring the fruits of all this labor to light. Here is what’s cooking inside Rufus Space Industries, INC.

Coworking- We’re about a month away from the opening of what should be the first coworking facility in South Carolina. It'll be called, Clark's Office, and is being themed after my ideal workspace. This café style office will be the perfect affordable alternative to renting office space at one of those dry ho-hum boring office buildings. Gourmet coffee brewed with the same professional equipment big coffee houses use, 11,000 channel satellite radio, comfortable furniture, and over 2,300 square feet of space to work in are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to check this thing out when it opens. If you don’t live in SC, but are interested in partnering on a coworking facility in your area shoot me an email- or call our office 864 641 1856. For more info on coworking check out

New Book- The book is my first non-business nonfiction effort, it focuses largely on how to make your dreams come true through a method steeped in practicality and hard work. The book will serve as a clear cut guide to helping you reach your most lofty goals. The book is my response to people constantly asking me about how I was able to do what I've done, it'll hopefully be of assistance in helping dreamers make their goals happen. Publication date is set for November 1st stay tuned for more details, free chapters, and giveaways.

New PR Site- We’re redeveloping our industry-leading press release writing and distribution service. With a simple design, updated samples and packages, and a strong tie to our Social Media Management Service this site will knock your socks off if you are in the market for PR.

Affordable Focus Groups- You have an idea, a product or service, website or web app, and now you need to know if anyone would buy it, don’t trust your friends! They’re responses are shaped more by the fact that you are friends with them than their true feelings about whatever it is you are trying to sell. Instead let our new affordable focus group service offer you all the feedback you need from the most powerful demographic in the business, 18-35 year old males and females. We’ll videotape the whole thing so no matter where you are you can review the feedback, and even draft up follow up questions for the group. All this is done online for less than you’d pay for the plane ticket to even get to Columbia, SC to begin with. Coming later this fall.

Oh, and before I get back to finishing off all this stuff, I wanted to let you know we’re hiring. We’re looking for a part time office assistant / intern / good natured soul to help us with our daily duties around the office. The ability to write would be nice, so if you live in the area and need some work get in touch.

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