Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Status Report

First and foremost let me wish you a merry Christmas! I know if you are reading my blog you are probably a highly educated, very savvy, and most likely very attractive person, so I’m sure this holiday season will be wonderful for you. Ok, just a little inside joke because I don’t have stats for this blog, and I highly doubt people are seriously spending their Christmas Eve reading it! But since I literally have nothing else to do I’ll pretend like someone is, and write my obligatory update post.

This is a pic of my tree a few days ago, there are now a few presents under it. I know it's pathetic, and it's sitting on top of a wine barrel. That's so these 4 dogs won't get at it.

How's work? Funny you asked....

The Guru Manufacture website is almost done, and it’s going to be incredible. This is one of those sites that takes awhile to build, but once you have about half of it done you start wondering why you didn’t build it sooner. When I reflect on how many people have come to me wanting to be THE go to person in their niche, how thick headed am I for not figuring out what they were really telling me is they wanted a SINGLE service that turned them into a guru overnight? Anyways, I’ve got the message loud and clear now, and the site should meet that need for those that wish to become a name brand. With luck it’ll be up right around the end of the month.

My new book Strange Business is almost done, although I started it in October it seems like the writing started to really pick up pace around Thanksgiving and has not let up since. I know the editing, page layout, cover art, and all the rest will take months which sucks since I’m so ready to get this thing out now, but that’s the nature of the business. I promise it’ll be worth the wait, this book truly details why unconventional internet marketing works so well online, and how you can implement it into your daily business practices. I give a whole heck of examples from my own business, and even let out a few dirty secrets I’ve never shared with anyone, in business at least, until now!

Finally, thanks to this bum economy, or our growing email list, or some other force I remain unaware of my book The Definitive Guide to Writing Online for Profit has jumped to 40,000 overall in the Amazon ranks for paperbacks twice this week. Prior to this week it had never eclipsed the 50k mark, so while that sounds mildly lame for book sales, it’s actually a book accomplishment. The book is currently in its second printing and will go to a third hopefully in the next few weeks. Pretty cool stuff, and absolutely a sign that my next book, this one most likely exclusively an e-book, will be on making money online in this dismal economy of ours.

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