Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhhhh Tempting

********New Stuff Coming Soon*************

Every now and again I feel the urge to update everyone on every little thing I'm doing, then I remember the cardinal rule of blogging, only post what is relevant to those that read your posts interests. As in, it's about THEM not YOU stupid! Ok, I get it. So here is a few new things coming soon that might boil your crawfish as my dad likes to say from time to time.

-Video blog coming soon
The time has come to blow the dust off this JVC Enviro HD video camera and accompanying studio kit. My friend Jordan and I are going to be doing a weekly video blog that deals with internet marketing and the always popular subject, weird stuff that works when trying to get peoples money online.

-Guru Manufacture

Yep, the Guru Factory is coming to town! I had not one, but two of em email me today about ghostwriting some e-books. Got to love the holidays, when all the info marketers try to score as much cash as possible off those that just got their bonuses. No, I'm kidding, I mean, sort of. Anyways, a new site is emerging rapidly that promises to make YOU or anybody else for that matter an ONLINE BRAND like no other. The site should be done in a week or less and will set two records. First it'll be the highest ticket item I've sold online to date. Secondly it'll be the first service that truly integrates most of my 701 websites.

-Local SEO

Still working on a concept for local SEO, most likely will try to get the fundamentals down first and then see if any existing clients want to rep a territory. Kind of like affiliate marketing meets franchise model type deal.

-This Dog's Got Bite
Here's jack taking a chunk out of my arm, I'm training him to greet the family for the holidays.

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