Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Favoring Bad People

I admit it, and you should too, sometimes we flat out like bad people. We get a kick out of people that are often liars, thieves, and philanderers if not worse. We find them interesting, we want to talk to them, and, gasp, be liked by them. Bad people are people too.

In the recessionary business climate of today there are simply too many reasons to like a bad person. They’ve got money, albeit shady details exist about where it came from, they’ve got friends, think pirates, and they often have connections in high places. In other words, bad people can be good for business.

I’m not suggesting you reach out to your local mob boss and ask to become part of the family, no, rather just admit you’re intrigued by them. You think they’re cool, and if you could, if the wife or husband would let you, you’d probably ask them how their business would benefit from whatever it is you’re selling.

In the end, regardless of religious belief we all fall into an existence on this earth where bad and good coexist, honesty can be the first step in dealing with that fact.

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