Friday, December 11, 2009

Authenticity Please


The mountains can’t hide who they are when the sun raises above them. They aren’t the beach, they aren’t a city, there is no way for them to disguise the bouldering truth, they are mountains. The trees that populate these hunks of stone are also caught red handed being trees. There is no question when the sun comes up a mountain looks like a mountain, a tree like a tree, and the beauty of nature is never really any more clear than at that very time. Coincidence perhaps that these gems of nature are at the finest of fine when light first exposes what they really are? I think not. Unfortunately people using the internet aren’t stuck in the ground waiting to be highlighted by a gorgeous sun every day, they can, and do work hard at convincing people they are something other than themselves.

As I’ve spent more and more time on social networks in the past year I’ve seen people I know, dare I say well, acting as if they’re somebody they are not. They’re not fooling me, but could they be fooling you? The beauty of the internet is that people are free to try anything they want, the danger of the internet is directly related to this principle as well.

Being authentic online will not only win you more readers to your blog, or followers on Twitter, but it’ll serve a larger purpose of creating true credibility for you and your business. Instead of pretending to be someone you’re not, which you probably aren’t as good as you think you are at to begin with, try being who you are in the real world when you go online. The more authentic you are the better you can expect your plans, goals and dreams to take shape.

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