Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Case Study


Social Media Management Leaps to Page 1 on Google in 21 Days

I don’t just sell internet marketing and SEO services, I buy them from our company for my own sites as well. As many of you know, I’ve been promoting our Social Media Management Service a lot lately, in part because I believe it’s the future of internet marketing, and in part because I believe it helps with SEO and brand awareness. So to help push my site up the SEO ranks, I used our service to get it onto page 1 on Google for our most competitive term that happens to have over a 100 million results in Google. With a single order I was able to get to page 1 within 3 weeks.

This case study helps illustrate the power of our service; I hope it convinces you to consider using the service soon!

Keyword attempting to rank for: Social Media Management

Results in Google for keyword: 123,000,000

Rank before writing and submitting 6 articles: Page 2 (21st Result Overall)

Rank after writing and submitting 6 articles: Page 1( 8th Rank Overall)

Net gain after 6 article submissions: 13 Spots in Google

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Want to gain MAJOR SEO like I did? Sign up for our service today by clicking HERE.


Michael Gandy said...

Hi Clark,

I have used your article writing service in the past and have been happy with the quality you produce but this study that you sent out is quit misleading. The only reason that you site ranks in the top ten is because of your url Anyone with any seo experience could pick this out. The articles were simply a platform to to get your website indexed more often. In fact when reviewing the articles you don't even use keyword anchor text in your link because its already provided in your url.

To truly show your seo skills you should of created two sites with unique content that is related to the social media industry one with keywords in the url and one without. Everything else being equal I guarantee the keyword url will outrank the one without.

Mylinda said...

Michael-harsh, if only it were that easy, wouldn't everyone have done it?

Great study. I enjoyed reading it and learning from it.