Thursday, November 6, 2008

Only in America

Watching the election coverage late Tuesday night I couldn’t help but be inspired by the scene of celebration going on around the world. My political views are pretty conservative, as I tend to believe those that govern God’s people should be close with God. For whatever reason, conservatives typically honor that mantra, at least in what they say. Basically I’m independent with a highly likelihood of skewing Republican in any given race, as that party typically represents my values for most issues besides gun control, and school funding. Regardless, Obama inspired a nation for change, and who am I to get in the way of that.

As I watched the sea of people at Grant Park I couldn’t help but be happy for them, happy for me, happy for the world. Listening to African American’s talk about a day they thought would never come has given me chills of excitement, and goose bumps of inspiration. A race that has been through so much for so long has a champion in the highest office at last; a day most never thought would come in their lifetimes. How could any red blooded American not be excited about that prospect, about a success story so unbelievable, it’s only possible in America. As the television coverage spilled into Wednesday I saw republican leaders tear up at the results, not in defeat, but out of respect and admiration for what one man accomplished.

While I don’t like the idea of my business getting taxed more, and I certainly don’t like the idea of leftist policies dominating the legislative dockets for the next four years, I believe hope trumps it all. Hope and optimism is exactly what this country needs, and it became glaringly evident on Tuesday evening that the masses have spoken for change.

While I still believe conservative values and policies are essential for this country’s long term success, I’m not afraid to say that I don’t know it all, and the wisdom of the people is far greater than my own. And most importantly, as a businessman I’ve learned to never underestimate the motivated. I’ve learned to never doubt those with little to lose and much to gain, to never say no to people that refuse to listen to the naysayers, these people are the air in America’s lungs, and President elect Obama is one of them, no doubt whatever that man choose to do with his life he’d be a success, and by his own example he has now shown others it is possible for them to achieve greater than thought possible results.

Here is to America taking back its place in the world in a way that we all know it can.

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