Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Interestingly Enough My Site is Back Up

Like a bat out of hell comes my new website, ClarkCovington.com to defy all those googlers that want to put their detective caps on and try to find stuff about me. Instead of going to all that trouble you can simply visit ClarkCovington.com where you will find information about me, about most of my businesses (I left the top secret ones out), and a bit of other information about my life.

While my initial impression of branding a persona was less than favorable, I have since decided it is important, and necessary to keep at least some control over your own brand.

Whether you are a chef that is getting rave reviews in the local paper, or a comedian that just brought the house down at the biggest comedy club in the country, brand control can help you further your career. It can help those that search your name everyday by giving them instant, and controlled access to the vitals about you, and in the end can result in getting your message to more people faster.

That about sums up why I built the site, why I built this blog, and hopefully I will be able to share with you tidbits of what is going on in my life that will actually benefit you.

In the meantime, make a point to register your own name as a domain, and keep it, the $10 a year is a small price to pay to have the ultimate say when it comes to YOU on the internet and in the search engines.

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